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Reducing Food Insecurity through HELP and HOPE:
Thank you so much for all the bread.  It really helped us in our need, God Bless you so much!  We had 112 family show up.
Thank you, Local Church Pantry.

We could not have done it without you.
God Bless,

Thank you so much for blessing our people.

Love y'all!

Ministry and Life Enrichment for the Disabled:
"My name is Maria, I attended the Summer Camp for Persons with a Disability provided by Catholic Charities and was blessed by all the participation and enjoyment that everyone had. To share with all that God has given us with each other was the most important thing revealed to me during camp. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. I commend Catholic Charities for putting on such wonderful programs for the disabled. I wish more organizations would do the same." 
Housing Counseling

Catholic Charities Housing Department/FSS has brought a new beginning to my life. 

My faith in God has been strengthen, due to me loosing a previous job. I went to Catholic Charities for assistance and God provided. I looked at my job loss as a problem instead of as a gift. I prayed and asked God to show me what he wanted me to learn from this situation? God revealed to me that I need to trust him and wait on his timing. He told me I am trying to accomplish my purpose in your life. 

When I took my hands off the situation and allowed God to work, he did some amazing things. He blessed me with a wonderful job with all the benefits. I always dreamed of retiring early, and now I can at age 60. God had my back all along, he just wanted me to let go, so he could work. I am so grateful for Catholic Charities, my life have changed in so many ways. I thank God for all of you. 

All because of Christ 

Después de más de 15 años de estar rentando mi casa con opciones para comprar, fuimos mi esposo y yo a Caridades Católica al departamento de viviendas para recibir consejos porque el dueño de la casa ya no estaba interesado en vendernos la casa. Estamos muy agradecidos por los consejos profesionales y por la ayuda que nos brindaron. Estamos muy felices porque al llevar nuestros documentos a la corte nos dieron una "Conversión de Deed" y la casa ahora esta en nuestros nombres. Como soy ya grande de edad estoy haciendo un reverse mortgage y si Diosito quiere no tendré que pagar mas la mortgage. Gracias y que Dios los bendiga. 

Catholic Charities Housing Counseling has really been helpful with everything that I have needed. The Housing Counselors at Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi are always there if I have a question of just need to talk about my mortgage. 

I am very happy that Catholic Charities’ Housing Dept/ FSS helped me in find work.; it has been very helpful for me and my family. My husband and I are on a fixed income and were having a hard time make ends meet. Housing Dept./FSS assisted me in finding a job. It has made our life much easier. I thank them for the time and effort that they spent with me. The educational workshops have also been very beneficial to my husband and me. Thank you. 

I would like to thank Catholic Charities’ Housing Dept/FSS for all the help that they provided for my family in time of need. I moved my family from Amarillo to Corpus Christi thinking that I had secured a job. The job fell thru and we did not know what to do. The Housing Dept worked with us in finding employment and housing. We will be forever grateful for their guidance. Thank you. 

“The best dreams begin after your eyes open.” Thank you Catholic Charities’ Housing Dept/FSS for the services that you provide for our community. 

I received legal permanent residence (Green Card) status in this country in December 1, 1990; after coming here on a work visa seeking a better life because of the unfortunate economic situation in my country. As a father and husband, my desire has been to have my family reunited with me in the United States. With a Green Card, my chances of getting Green Cards for my wife and children meant they had to wait 10-15 years, unless they became a US citizen. After failing to gain citizenship due to the inexperience of an individual, and after incurring a big financial burden, I was lucky to find the Immigration Department at Catholic Charities. It was through their professional and diligent assistance that I was able to become a proud citizen of the US aboard the USS Lexington on July 4, 2008! Now I am happy to report that on September 23, 2009 my family and I will finally be together, something we have long dreamed of! 

It has been my great pleasure to work with Catholic Charities for the past 9 years. In that time I have learned what truly great services they provide to not only the economically challenged, but also the emotionally challenged individuals in this and surrounding communities. 

I am a Mortgage Loan Officer and specifically to my line of work, Catholic Charities has been a God send. Catholic Charities has helped many of my customers to overcome budget and credit issues so that they could move on to a better life. They have educated first-time homebuyers to make intelligent decisions when purchasing a home. 

Thank you, Catholic Charities and Special Thanks to Doreya Dean, for providing a much needed service at a time of great need. 

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