Housing Counseling Department


The Housing Counseling services conducted by Catholic Charities is to promote family and individual self-sufficiency and neighborhood stability by eliminating educational, financial, and psychological/emotional barriers to successful home ownership through intermediate stages of responsible rental housing tenures, and by building community partnerships that create housing opportunities in coordination with other courses of social services. 

The Housing Counseling Department provides mortgage and rent delinquency counseling, budgeting and money management, credit counseling, home ownership preparation, post-purchase occupancy counseling, loss mitigation and default resolution, HUD's Homebuyer Education and Learning Program (HELP),  Displacement and Relocation Counseling, Colonias, and Fair Housing Education and Assistance.  Yearly our program provide services to over 1,200 clients.
For a small fee of $18 per individual or $20 for joint accounts, we provide clients with a copy of their Tri-merge Credit Reports including the FICO scores. Fees are waived when clients cannot pay.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program (A component of Housing Counseling Began 2008) 

Family Self-Sufficiency is the capacity to manage one's own affairs, make own decisions, and provide for one's own self without the assistance of entitlements. The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSSP) is a voluntary program, developed for individuals and families who wish to improve their financial situation, eliminate dependency, and are motivated to change their lives. Our mission is to enable individuals to reach their full potential towards self-sufficiency and independence by developing and implementing support services that will help strengthen their lives. Our goal is to foster independence, self-determination, and self-reliance.